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Exceptionally high local content possible in California for Ideol’s concrete floater

An in-depth audit of California’s harbor sites and port infrastructures reveals that Ideol’s uniquely compact and shallow-draft concrete floating wind solution can offer the highest levels of local content.

Ideol’s in-house construction and offshore operation experts conducted an in-depth review of all major California harbor sites and concluded that : 

  • Concrete floating foundations for commercial-scale wind farms (50 units or more) could be built and launched in at least 5 construction sites, with two being immediately suitable without any upgrades.
  • 4 sites were identified as suitable for wind turbine assembly
  • 8 harbors are capable of storing mooring lines as well as hosting operation and maintenance bases.
On top of significantly reducing the carbon footprint of a project given the minimization of long-distance shipping and logistics, being able to tap into a local and readily available labor, supply-chain and infrastructure is a definite asset for all developers looking at favorably engaging with local stakeholders and achieving the highest level of project acceptability. Further studies show that Ideol’s concrete hull not only offers the highest levels of local content but also the most competitive costs.



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